UAW leaders schedule national council meeting for Thursday

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(WBKO/CNN) -- Some analysts say they can see the light at the end of what's become a long tunnel for General Motors and United Automobile Workers.

The Union has asked its national council to attend a meeting on Thursday, causing some to speculate they are seeking approval before sending a potential deal to members for ratification.

One of the bigger issues of the dispute is the status of temporary workers. Cheryl Jameson, a UAW member with Local 292 in Indiana, said those workers often get the short end of the stick.

"Some of them have worked two, three, four, five years with only three days a year off," Jameson said. "They do not get a share in profits sharing. They don't get the share in bonuses, and General Motors uses them as a way to cut their expenses and increase their profits. We feel like it's time that stopped."

Both sides said Thursday's called meeting does not necessarily mean an end to the strike.

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