UAW strike against GM: Day 28

Published: Oct. 12, 2019 at 8:44 PM CDT
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We've been bringing you updates since the strike first began, and now we're nearing a full month since United Auto Workers first announced strike against General Motors.

"We don't think we're asking for too much. We're just trying to fight for the middle class and stand strong in what we believe in." said strike team leader, Mark Lawyer. "Hopefully the people out there support us because it's not just for us, we feel that we're fighting for the middle class of America."

Over the course of the past 3 weeks, the strike has cost GM a lot of revenue.

"Obviously they don't care too much, they're losing millions if not billions of dollars and they're continuing to stay firm with what they believe which we don't believe is right for America," said Lawyer. "You know, we're trying to get jobs back into the country. We're trying to keep the middle class there instead of being so separated from the higher paying jobs to the lower paying."

But UAW workers are still hopeful they can reach an agreement soon as the strike is affecting others in the auto industry.

"Hopefully at some point soon they're going to come to an agreement. If they really want us to get back to work versus throwing billions of dollars away they can be giving it to the employees. And feel sad for those people who are suppliers and other things that are getting affected by it even the dealerships," said Lawyer. "Now that we've got this thing going we plan on continuing to fight until we feel like we've reached a fair agreement."

UAW strikers have been receiving strike pay for the past 3 weeks at $250 per week. Strike pay was expected to increase to $275 after January 1, but that increase is happening as early as the strikers next pay period.

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