UPDATE: Body recovered from Lake Cumberland after search

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6:20 p.m.

According to Russell County Emergency Management, the body of Sgt. Robin Adair has been located.

Rescue crews said the body was recovered and turned over to the coroner about 5:40 p.m. central time on Sunday, October 14.

Crews said the body was found in 130-140 feet of water.

Russell, Barren, and Boone counties assisted in the recovery. Officials believe the pull from the dam could have pulled Sgt. Adair under.


UPDATE: 10/12/18

According to Russell County Emergency Management, the missing man is Sgt. Robin Adair of Texas. Officials say Sgt. Adair's wife was with him when he went under at Lake Cumberland. His wife is a dispatcher in Texas.

Multiple rescue crews are assisting Russell County and Fish and Wildlife as day four of searching is underway.

Rescue crew members say in that deep of water, divers can only be under for so long before they have to come back up.


Rescue squads have been searching since Tuesday afternoon for a man that went missing on Lake Cumberland.

Emergency management says an out-of-state 61-year-old man and a woman were swimming alongside a rented house boat near Halcombs Landing.

The woman told officials she saw the man go under, and he never came back up.

"We're using sonar that's approximately 130 feet deep. Just in case, divers we have on standby," said HM Bottom, Emergency Manager in Russell County. "In case we do get an image of something. If not, then after today's search we'll probably call in for more resources tomorrow."

Rescue crews say the biggest obstacle they're facing is the depth, as the area around where the man went down is anywhere from 120-170 feet deep.

Barren County Dive Team assisted Russell County Tuesday and Wednesday.

Officials have not released the identity of the victim at this time.

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