Glasgow native serving as U.S. Ambassador to Canada visits WKU

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A Glasgow native is settling into her role as the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, the first female to hold that position.

Kelly Craft recently spent some time on WKU’s campus and Amy Bingham talked to her in this week’s View from the Hill.

Kelly Craft credits her education and strong Kentucky roots with being able to reach a professional achievement like being appointed a U.S. Ambassador. She says her parents made sure she and her sister knew there was a big world out there and they needed to discover it.

“I get very emotional about being home, um there is no place like home.”

Home for U.S. Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft is currently Ottowa but she grew up in Glasgow.

“To know I was going to come to Bowling Green, which is only thirty miles from where I grew up and see my mothers dearest friend and my sister, it’s truly a homecoming.”

Ambassador Craft started her job in October when she was nominated by President Trump and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

“It is a steep learning curve but you kind of get in this cadence and you know what you need.”

“My main priority is to make certain I promote business entities whether it be Americans investing in Canada or Canadians looking to invest in the U.S.”

A highlight of her visit to WKU was a tour of the Gatton Academy for Math and Science.

“These are future generations, future ambassadors, future presidents future electrical engineers we’re very engaged in the STEM academy so to be able to promote this with these young students who are brilliant young minds is a real privilege for me.”

She also shared one of the secrets to her success during a presentation to students.

“I think the main message in this era of technology is to put your phones down, put your Ipads down and develop people to people relationships. That has served me well.”

Craft says she’s proud of her Kentucky roots and promotes the Commonwealth every chance she gets, but mostly she says it’s a privilege to be able to serve her country in this role.

“To represent the United States is the biggest honor of my lifetime.”

Craft is a 1980 graduate of Glasgow High School. She says her first trip abroad was to Spain with her mother’s dear friend Dr. Cecile Garmon. Dr. Garmon is a WKU Communications professor who orchestrated Crafts visit to WKU.

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