Homeowner handcuffed when sheriff's deputy shows up to wrong house

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- One man was briefly placed in handcuffs after a Barren County Sheriff's Deputy showed up at the wrong house.

"It scared the heck out of me," says Ricky Kinslow, who lives at the home.

He was inside the house with a friend on Tuesday, getting ready to test out a new pistol in his yard. He says he didn't know a deputy had pulled up in his driveway, so Kinslow still had the gun in his hand.

The deputy and a social worker were there on a welfare check, but what they didn't realize when they pulled up, was that they were at the wrong address.

According to Barren County Sheriff Kent Keen, the call the deputy was responding to forced him to be on heightened alert.

"They were investigating two young juvenile girls who were in a residence, the information was given to them that an older male lived in the residence with them and had threatened them with an edged weapon a few days previous to that. The male who allegedly threatened the two girls with the knife had a very extensive, violent felony background," says Sheriff Keen.

But, the deputy showed up to the wrong address -- meaning Ricky Kinslow as not the man they were looking for and no welfare check was needed at his home.

According to Kinslow, his children were at work and are 26 and 30-years-old.

Thanks to body-cam footage, officials have been able to review exactly what happened after the deputy saw Kinslow's gun.

"[The deputy] handcuffs [Kinslow] for his safety which is constitutionally correct, asks him a few questions, they figure it out, work it out in just a few minutes that they are at the wrong house and he does take the handcuffs off the gentleman, and contrary to social media, he apologizes three different times," says Sheriff Keen.

Sheriff Keen is referring to a Facebook post from Kinslow's fiance, claiming there was "not even a ... I'm sorry."

According to Sheriff Keen, after resolving the situation, the deputy left and went to the correct address.

Kinslow and his fiance say they respect law enforcement very much, but this situation had them rattled. The deputy, just as rattled when he saw the gun, responded per protocol, according to the department.

According to the sheriff's department, no formal complaint has been filed. The body-camera footage shows the whole encounter lasted just over five minutes, from the time the deputy pulled into the driveway until the time he left. The video shows Kinslow was detained for around two minutes.

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