Unlikely Santa Claus' give back to Simpson County for the holidays

Published: Dec. 20, 2019 at 5:43 PM CST
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Something you don't hear often, inmates giving back to the community for the holiday season.

"Not all people in jail are bad people. There's a lot of people in jail that have just made bad decisions and the good is there somewhere," said Eric Vaughn, Jailer.

Inmates from the Simpson County Detention Center are giving back to their community. Female inmates have spent the past few months crocheting blankets to give to senior citizens.

"We came out from the jail-- we brought blankets that the inmates crocheted and we delivered them to the seniors and got to watch them be happy and just experience joy with the blankets," said Maranda Phelps, inmate.

The crocheting for kindness program will be continuing with the inmates making hates and gloves for underprivileged kids.

"Not only am I proud of the things that they are accomplishing for themselves but what they are showing our community. I am proud of my deputies because they are the ones that are encouraging this and the residents are buying into it and it's a good thing," added Vaughn.

Also, Some unlikely Santa Claus's also decided they wanted to give back for the Christmas season.

"Two of our residents with the money they've earned while being incarcerated sent a request asking if they could give back in a way that is just completely profound," said Lieutenant Ashley Penn, the Program Director.

Together the two inmates were able to donate over 1000 dollars to purchase gifts for children to have a Christmas they'll never forget.

"I felt I had to pay it back you know, I am able to do that and it's just the right thing to do," said Curtis Reynolds

"I am blessed right now and I keep getting blessed every day and I feel like I could bless other people and help other people out especially when they need it," said Donnie Kindred, inmate.

Through teaming up with the Simpson County school system they were able to help a family that needed it.

"The inmates were able to purchase these gifts for two of our students that are on our angel tree program we actually call it elf connection. So our parents start in September by taking classes, volunteering in the community where they go back to school and work and they get points to be eligible to receive our elf connection," said Lacy Phillips, family resource coordinator, Simpson Elementary.

After picking the presents up from the jail the gifts were delivered to the family that was chosen. The two kids truly got a Christmas they will always remember.

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