Vets show off their "vettes" and connect with fellow service men and women

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Over 200 cars and 300 vets kicked off Military Appreciation Day at Motorsports Park with the annual Vets 'n Vettes.

"Soldiers first, corvette people second," said Tommy McGregor, US Air Force Vet.

During the event, Veterans received unlimited free rides in corvettes around the track.

Vets come from all over the country with their corvettes to take part in the tradition.

Long lines of vets in their corvettes waited in line to take on the world class track.

"I always meet somebody new down here that I have somebody else in common with. It's fun to go some place where you have both the idea of being a veteran and you're car-hopping where they meet it's an interesting intersection," said John Rogers, a vet who traveled from West Virginia.

The day is an opportunity for local vets and even those from across the country to connect with fellow service men and women.

"I had a fellow, he was a Vietnam vet that was disabled looking for a ride. He had his little chihuahua dog with him so we took him and the dog for a pretty good ride," said Tommy McGregor, US Air Force Vet," said Tommy McGregor, US Air Force Vet.

The annual Bowling Green Veterans Day Parade will take place Saturday at 10 a.m. at Sixth Avenue and College Street.

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