Victim's family speaks out, double homicide investigation continues

Published: Dec. 13, 2018 at 5:47 PM CST
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Bowling Green police continue search for a possible suspect (or multiple possible suspects) after launching a double homicide investigation on Tuesday.

Officials say two women, Karen Burks and Deloris Stacker were found dead inside Burks's home on Rock Creek Road. For information on the original story, click


"She was a mother, a person, a human being who didn't deserve -- absolutely didn't deserve -- what happened to her," said Keyona Jeffreys, Burks's daughter.

"Utter shock. Utter shock. There's no other words I can even think of," she said.

Jeffreys and her brother, Kevin Gardner, said as difficult as this entire situation is, they're now worried they won't be able to have the funeral service for their mother that they feel she deserves.

"Being as though it was unexpected, there was no set insurance in place and so, with that being said, we're just reaching out to anybody, to everybody, to the community, friends, family, for help," said Jeffreys.

They've created a fundraiser page on Facebook where people can donate toward funeral expenses. That link is


"We're appreciative of all the phone calls and all the love and we just ask that you all just continue to hold us up through this time," she added.

The family is left with memories of a mother and grandmother, and the hope that police will soon find whoever is responsible.

"We understand that they have to take proper steps to ensure that they get whoever done this, and I just urge the public that if there's anything that anybody out there knows, tell, please, because this is an unspeakable, undeserving crime that needs to be solved. Somebody like this does not need to be on the streets, absolutely," said Jeffreys.

Officials have not released a cause of death for Burks or Stacker. Jeffreys say the two women were very close friends.

"My heart goes out for that family as well because I know they're feeling every bit of what we're feeling and every emotion that we're having to go through right now, I know they're feeling the same thing."

Family members say Burks was a mother of three and a grandmother of eight. They say she had lived in Bowling Green for more than 10 years.

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