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Micatrotto/Adult Learners

It’s never too late to finish! That’s certainly true for a WKU Alum whose family just made a large donation to WKU’s Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.

When former WKU football player Joe Micatrotto Junior walked the line at commencement in the spring of 1997, he had some unfinished business. Now, he’s not only made good on his degree but his family has made a gift that will have a lasting impact on his Alma Mater.

“To see that name, it represents my grandfather, my brother, myself, my children. It’s pretty darn exciting.”
Joe Micatrotto Junior is talking about the Micatrotto family dining room sign unveiled recently in Academic Complex.
But what’s equally sacred to the former captain of the Hilltopper football team is his degree that he almost never got.

“I had one class left. I had told myself that I was gonna put it off and do it in the summer of ’97. Went to Minnesota to train for work. Went and signed up at St. Thomas University to take the class and got so bogged down with work that I just never took it.”

“Years started going by, nightmares on a constant basis. Nobody knew.”

Through WKU’s Project Graduate, Micatrotto finally obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in 2009.
A detail that emerged when his family, who founded Micatrotto Restaurant Group, decided to donate 150 thousand dollars to WKU’s Family and Consumer Sciences Department.
29:26 “This was not about putting a name on a wall, this was not about a plaque or a trophy, but having a lasting effect on the school we love.”

Micatrotto is far from the only person out there who almost didn’t cross the finish line.
37:35 “We actually talk to a number of students who have 100, 120 credit hours who have yet to finish their bachelors degree. Some of their hours were done 10, 15 even 20 years ago. “
Brad Kissell says information sessions are planned next week at all four campuses for Adult Learners thinking about going back to school.
35:44 “We’ll talk about programs for adult learners, services, financial aid for adult learners and how do you afford going back to school today.”

If you or someone you know is in the same boat Joe Micatrotto was in, or if you want to go back to school for a different degree, find out more about next week’s Adult Learner Information sessions, by calling 270-745-3575 or emailing
With this week’s View from the Hill, I’m Amy Bingham.

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