Wellness screening saves WKU employee’s life

Published: Sep. 1, 2016 at 6:11 AM CDT
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A WKU staff member credits the university with saving his life after a health screening uncovered a serious medical issue.

Greg Keightley (Keithley) has had a lot of life events this year. Two of his children graduated from college. One son made him a grandfather and his youngest daughter got married. But he almost missed it all because of a heart issue that could easily have gone undetected.

Greg Keightley started his job in WKU Alumni Relations in January.

“As part of the insurance process Western requires that you do a biometric screening for top life health benefits.”

The screening revealed high blood pressure and he got on medication but soon realized something was off.

“I noticed as I was walking to meetings up and down hill for lunch or what have you, I noticed as I would come back up the hill a little tightness in my chest, a little pain.”

One failed stress test and arteriorgram later, Keightley was told he needed quadruple bypass surgery.

“I said what?”

The surgery was June 24th and Keightley was back on the job a few short weeks later.

“I was able to get in my office, turn the trash can over and prop my leg and make things happen for the alumni association.”

“Without the Top Life Wellness Program, I may never have known I was a walking heart attack waiting to happen.

At an alumni event Keightley shared his story with Dr. Ransdell who included it in his convocation speech last month to faculty and staff.

“I understand it was well received and people were inspired by it so that’s great.”

Recently Keightley and his family (all of whom are WKU graduates) celebrated his daughter’s wedding. Something he came very close to missing.

“I’m very thankful for what Western required me to do . I might not have done anything if I hadn’t been part of Western Health benefits and it was really a blessing.”

Getting a biometric screening is one of the incentives offered within the Top Life Pledge of WKU’s Wellness program.

92% of WKU’s employees participate.