KY National Guard ramps up recruiting efforts at WKU

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The Kentucky National Guard has ramped up recruiting efforts at WKU helping more and more students go through college debt free.

That’s not the only advantage as Amy Bingham reports in this week’s View from the Hill.

Full tuition, free textbooks, health insurance –even part time income. The National Guard offers an impressive list of benefits that can help ensure a student’s success.

For Susana Caito, physical training starts early three mornings a week.

I get up at 5:45 to be at diddle by 6:15.

These cadets form up at 6:30 for an hour long workout.

“Everyone is there for each other, encouraging each other, it really gets you through it.

The freshman from St. Louis says she first learned about the National Guard from a brochure at her high school and now she’s here at WKU reaping the benefits.

“With the national guard I’m getting whole tuition paid for , books through textbooks for troops getting meals paid for. “

“Finance is a big reason people don’t go to college. I want to get their college paid for and help them graduate where they weren’t thirty and forty thousand dollars in debt.”

Sergeant Eric Vincent, recruiting and retention non-commissioned officer, has been spreading that message for the past three years.

“It doesn’t matter who you are I have a passion to make them successful and I think they can be that at WKU.”

Senior Alex Rogers from Louisville is just a few months away from graduation.

And will enter the army as an active duty second lieutenant.

“I don’t have to worry about finding a job after college, I have a job with benefits and I’ll be debt free on top of that.

Rogers, who has several family members in the military, says she has basically been paid to go to school and drill one weekend a month. She says its been well worth it.

“There’s nothing negative about it at all. I love it.”

“It’s just a great opportunity. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to do it.”

The Kentucky Army National Guard contributes over 600 thousand dollars a year to tuition assistance programs at WKU.

To learn more contact Sergeant Eric Vincent at (270) 893-9467 or text GOTOPS TO 95577.

With this week’s View from the Hill, I’m Amy Bingham.

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