Vintage logos highlight merchandise at WKU Store as part of 100 year celebration of WKU Football and Basketball

Christmas gifts, graduation gifts, even items commemorating the 100th year of WKU football and basketball—there are lots of reasons to visit the WKU store.

2018 has been a big year at WKU with both football and basketball celebrating 100 years of building a rich tradition. The WKU Store is making sure special merchandise is getting into the hands of Hilltopper Nation, especially during this festive time of year.

“There’s a couple of reasons that bring them back in around this season, of course some for gifts and also folks get excited about clearance.”
‘Tis the season at the WKU Store.
“Just in the last little bit I’ve been buying Christmas ornaments that are exclusive to the WKU store so I can give them out as Christmas gifts. They’ve been a hit so far.”
Julie Hinson may be one of the WKU Store’s biggest supporters.
“There’s a long history of Hilltoppers in our family and we’re very proud of it.”
From her earrings to her watch, the WKU alum who now sits on the Board of Regents is a walking billboard for the university.
“Anything I can buy in red and white I try to purchase.”
She says new lighting in the store has really made the merchandise pop.
“When you walk in now everything is so bright and you just look at the products.”
Marketing Coordinator Sarah Sears says the WKU Store is often a place where people congregate when on campus.
“Folks love that W shelf and they love the space that’s available in the store.”
In addition to purchasing gifts, Sears says the other big draw---logos that are part of football and basketball’s 100 year celebration.
“We’ve also brought out from the College Vault these vintage logos that we’ve put on all types of apparel”
Whether it’s Big Red or even the White Squirrel, Sears says Hilltopper Nation enjoys all the popular symbols associated with the university, one in particular.
“I feel like the red towel never goes away. It’s probably the classic everyone can agree on and it always sells well.”
“I just really like to come in here and support WKU.”

The WKU Store will be open through December 22nd. You can go to their website wku –dot – edu slash WKU store for sore hours. You can also order items on line and you get free shipping on orders that are 25 dollars or more through December ninth.
With this week’s View from the Hill, I’m Amy Bingham.

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