Volunteers pull off leaves in continuation of Stickwork at WKU project

Published: Oct. 2, 2018 at 2:55 PM CDT
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Stickwork at WKU continued on Tuesday, with volunteers gathering limbs off campus, while others worked outside the Kentucky Museum.


volunteers came alongside artist, Patrick Dougherty, to gather sticks and limbs to later turn into a large-scale environmental sculpture in front of the Kentucky Museum.

The project is part of WKU's Cultural Enhancement Series.

In front of the museum, volunteers worked to remove the leaves from the materials gathered.

"I think it will be really awesome to be able to have something that I helped create and bring it to the campus that I love," said Briar Holt, a WKU Spirit Master who volunteered in the project. "So I always want to serve -- that's why I'm a Spirit Master; I want to serve WKU -- and this is how I'm trying to do that."

It's a lot of work, Hold said, but something he believes is worth it.

The museum is still looking for volunteers. To sign up and get more information about the project, you can visit their