Full service multi-specialty clinic ready to open in Franklin

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FRANKLIN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The community of Franklin is taking a step toward easier access to health care, as the Red Oak Medical Plaza gets ready to open.

After receiving a certificate of occupancy, services including walk-in care, physical therapy, radiation and dialysis, and more, can all begin to move in under one roof.

Consolidating outpatient services isn't a new idea, but in Franklin, it's been about a two year project to get to this point at the Red Oak Medical Plaza.

Dr. Rob Wesley of Graves Gilbert Clinic says it's a huge step forward for both Graves Gilbert and the community.

"It's an option that Franklin hasn't had before, and we live in one of the more expensive areas in the country to receive healthcare," says Dr. Wesley.

Graves Gilbert has played a large role in bringing this facility to Franklin.

Now that the Red Oak Medical Plaza has received its certificate of occupancy, new faces can begin making their way into the building.

"I think that ultimately what our hope is in opening this facility is to bring more services to Franklin. What we do here is, as comprehensive as we can, outpatient care to patients in our community, and we're going to do that at a price point that's going to affect the whole community," he says.

What Dr. Wesley calls a "full-service multi-specialty clinic" is something that he believes will make it easier on patients and help them avoid making outpatient visits a full-day affair.

"Even traveling to Bowling Green, that's a real hardship on the older individuals," he says. "Being able to bring that specialty care to my patients here in Franklin, but also to the patients of other physicians here, I think is going to be really special."

"These are the chemistry analyzers," he says, showing 13 News around the building. "Labs can be drawn that day, resulted that day," he adds.

Without the people around him, Dr. Wesley says this wouldn't happen.

"This community has been wonderful to me, I've loved living here for the past 10 years, and it's really nice to feel like we're able to give something back to them."

Dr. Wesley says he's incredibly grateful for the commitment that Graves Gilbert has shown toward bringing something like this to the area.

The Red Oak Medical Plaza is set to open on December 18.The Graves Gilbert Walk-in Clinic is already functioning.

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