WKU Public Broadcasting producing positve PSA's

Published: Apr. 6, 2020 at 6:44 PM CDT
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In an effort to reinforce goodwill, WKU Public Broadcasting has produced positive public service announcements for television and radio stations across the county.

"We understand that broadcasters' inventory sometimes slips during a crisis," said David Brinkley, the Director of Public Broadcasting for Western Kentucky University. "So we wanted to make sure that a campaign of spots that were very positive was available to everybody that wanted it."

The PSA's have been shared through the Kentucky Broadcasters Association. Every TV and radio station in the state is now free to use them. Even though the PSA's are videos, the usage extends to radio stations due to many having an enhanced web or digital presence.

"We don't want any credit for it," Brinkley said. "We just want people to have positive messaging."

The PSA's were also shared nationally through the National Education Telecommunications Association. Every public TV station in American can run the PSA's free until June 2021.

WKU PBS has seen its PSA's used across the country. The PBS station at the University of New Mexico has been using the PSA's in between its elementary education blocks.

"The goal of these PSA's is to fill that time in between programs with positive messaging and that anybody can use anywhere," Brinkley said.