WKU Alumni Association is hitting the road to mobilize volunteers

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WKU’s Alumni Association is hitting the road this summer to recruit volunteers for the Hilltopper Volunteer Network.

Amy Bingham joins them at a recent stop in this week’s View from the Hill.

Who better than a WKU graduate to help recruit and retain students on the hill? That’s the idea behind an effort to mobilize alums for a new volunteer initiative.

“We’re just kind of trying to meet Hilltoppers where they are.”

Where they are is everywhere.

“We know there are a lot of people we even share with in the community, go to church with that are Hilltoppers.”

Susan Free and her husband were among several Tennessee Hilltoppers networking with other alums at the Volunteer Tour stop in Hendersonville.

“Just that connectivity and community with another WKU alum is a lot of fun to get to know who those people are.”

These connections make Hilltopper Nation even stronger in priority recruitment areas.

“Our alumni know their story well enough and they love WKU enough that they can help us get out there and promote WKU in their communities.”

Like ’65 graduate Bob Bristol who grew up in North Carolina but quickly captured the spirit of WKU when he arrived on the hill.

“I wasn’t that big of a basketball fan but I soon learned I had to know a little bit about basketball to even have a conversation on Western’s campus.”

This volunteer network will give the Bristols and other alums even more chances to sing the praises of WKU.

“If you have ten minutes to write five notes to students in your area , that’s perfect. If you want to come work all of homecoming we’ll find a spot for you.”

“Go tops”

The tour still has stops left in the Louisville area and Northern Kentucky. To find out more about the Hilltopper Volunteer Network log onto alumni.wku.edu and fill out the interest form.

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