WKU Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement celebrate gifts

The university announced some important gifts along with a name change recently.

“I credit Western Kentucky University who wrapped arms around us and took us forward.”

CJ Nichols gives an impassioned speech about the difference WKU made in the lives of her and her husband George.

“If you don’t learn anything from college, you grow up. You learn how to manage yourself, your time, your energy your money your life.”

The couple, both WKU alumni, has made a gift to support diversity initiatives at WKU.

“You know once you get them here, how do you engage them to keep them here.”

That’s precisely the goal of the Intercultural Student Engagement Center or ISEC Academy which the Nichols funds will support.

After years of providing scholarship support, Laura Turner Dugas was honored as WKU’s Philanthropist of the year. Her family recently established an outdoor learning environment in Allen County.

“Through a gift to Scottsville and WKU in combination through a park which is going to involve faculty and students and the community in a meaningful way.”

The newly named Division of Philanthropy and Alumni Engagement used National Philanthropy day to announce it’s re branding.

“Philanthropy, we feel more clearly defines what we do as professionals and it’s less confusing with other elements of the institution.”

And sends a clear message about the importance of private support.

“It signals to our donors the important and critical role they play in the life of the university."

If you have any questions about how to make a gift to WKU, including information on stock gifts or wire transfers, please call 270-745-6208 and someone will get back to you with specific instructions.

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