WKU Police: Face of a Scholar Scholarship

Published: Dec. 6, 2018 at 8:16 AM CST
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Most police departments do not allow their officers to have facial hair, except a mustache is typically okay.

W.K.U. police Chief Mitch Walker sent out a survey to faculty and staff before the start of fall classes, and getting their opinions on officers with facial hair.

There were 800 responses, a vast majority in favor of facial hair.

Some even responded saying officers with facial hair humanizes them.

The Chief went on to adopt a new policy along with a scholarship opportunity for students.

W.K.U. officers who wanted to grow facial hair, donated $25 to the W.K.U. Intercultural Student Engagement Center- creating the Face of a Scholar Scholarship.

14 W.K.U. officer have all donated and will have facial hair. The money that has been collected will be presented to an I.S.E.C. student Thursday afternoon in Downing Student Union.