WKU grad shares his journey home from China

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Coronavirus has left the streets of China bare. People have contained themselves inside their homes in fear of contracting the virus.

A WKU graduate, who was attending a university in China through the Chinese Flagship Program was suddenly brought back earlier this month.

"We didn't particularly think that it would blow up to the stage that it did and then it kept getting worse," said Charlie Starmer, student. "We didn't think they would cancel the spring semester entirely, so we were just very disappointed because our semester ended on January 17th. We were finally on break and the cohort was traveling across the countryside and East Asia."

While traveling with his cohort they visited a city populated by millions of people but the streets were bare.

"I was in Shanghai for a couple of days before and Shanghai has 25 Million people and it was still pretty barren," added Starmer. "There weren't very many people on the roads and most people weren't outside and most shops were closed down."

Everyone in his cohort did wear masks to protect themselves but they were still unsure of how much protection that would really provide.

"It's the law that you have to wear a face mask though I am not particularly certain how effective those are," added Starmer. "Everyone was wearing a face mask, pretty much no one was outside. I think it has gotten worse since we left but it was very strange."

Once they returned back to the states, they did all have their temperature taken and it was recommended to self-quarantine for 14 days.

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