WKU graduate expands online store, opens mobile boutique

Published: Aug. 16, 2019 at 3:36 PM CDT
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Jewelry, jeans, and all in between.

Western Kentucky University graduate Carli Barr is making fashion convenient.

One year ago Barr started her online store Barr Bones and last month she began a new business adventure, taking her store on the road in a mobile boutique.

"We have everything in here and most of everything is in here that we have on our site, and then we always bring a little sales rack that we set up outside and our jewelry and accessories as well," said Barr.

Barr told 13 News it began with a couple pop up sites and, seeing the need for people to try on clothes, it was her dad who suggested going mobile.

For Barr, her love for fashion began as a teenager and her boutique allows her to help others look and feel their best across the state.

"For the past couple seasons snakeskin has been really big," said Barr. "I'm wearing snakeskin today, but snakeskin, cheetah print, any kind of animal print is really big."

Barr began using her mobile boutique one month ago and already has her sights set on extending the reach of her business.

"We have a big show in Atlanta coming up in November so we're excited to get down more into the south cause that's kind of like our market and clientele as well," said Barr.

Two years out of college and one year into her business, she says she is thankful for all the support and hopes to be an example for anyone trying to chase their dream.

Barr lives in Owensboro, but can travel anywhere in her mobile boutique.

Anyone interested can find out more information on

or on their social media.