WKU hopes to hang onto bragging rights in blood drive against MTSU

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When WKU takes on MTSU tomorrow night there will be another competition besides the football game.

It’s a rivalry that will save lives as Amy Bingham reports in this week’s View from the Hill.

They’re calling it the blood battle. For the seventh year in a row, WKU and MTSU have gone head to head in a competitive blood drive for the American Red Cross.

Even WKU’s President is taking one for the team.

“We want to beat MTSU, not just on Friday but in this blood drive.”

President Caboni says there’s nothing to it….

“It’s relatively painless, it doesn’t take much effort.”

He joined countless others this week rolling up their sleeves for the Red Cross.

“So much of our collections come from universities and schools that having this competition, this friendly competition from these two schools really helps bring out more donors and helps contribute inventory to blood products.”

Foster says more than three thousand pints of blood have been collected over the past six years at WKU, that’s not counting what’s collected at MTSU.

“We’re incredibly grateful that they want to compete against each other because one school doing it is wonderful but having two schools, we can double as much.”

The real winner is the Red Cross and the respective communities.

“it’s a selfless act and just giving blood takes about forty minutes and it would save three lives. You never know if that will be someone close to you or someone in a tragedy that will need it.”

This year’s drive was held in honor of Kathryn Steward, a WKU employee who passed away earlier this year.

“She was the driving force with the blood drive. We just wanted to honor her in some way, in a way this was her baby. She took great pride in it. “

Steward would still be proud of the way these two schools continue giving life in the name of a friendly rivalry.

“MTSU of course is our biggest rival and I’m proud we have a rivalry outside the football game. It is a rivalry for a great cause.”

The Hilltoppers take on the Blue Raiders tomorrow night at seven at Houchens Smith Stadium. The winner of the blood drive will be announced during the game.

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