WKU installs varsity eSports program on campus

Published: Dec. 7, 2016 at 5:56 PM CST
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A varsity eSports program is now established on the Hill, and these toppers are ready to take gaming to a whole other level.

WKU eSports Organizer John Hay believes this sport will sweep over nation's college campuses.

"Esports are competitive videogames between teams of players. They compete on international stages professionally, but also at the collegiate level from anywhere of millions of dollars of prizes to scholarship money."

"What we started with are players that were already on the club team for the WKU League of Legends Club. The players just basically formed from that club team that we already had," John Hay added.

WKU eSports Head Coach Andrew Renfrow sees this sport growing every year.

"It's becoming a huge phenomenon, and right now we're really hoping to build our community at WKU."

"Right now we're starting with League of Legends. Once we can establish ourselves more on campus, we'll branch out with other games," Andrew Renfrow added.

WKU's Varsity eSports team proudly holds the title of being the second public university team in the nation, and are more than ready to help trail blaze the newest trend in sports.

"If we could get ahead of the game, on this area or in this area in comparison to other colleges, that could set WKU apart. We actually have paid staff coaches, equipment for our teams, they're going to have their own facilities to play in, you'll have jerseys and apparel," John Hay mentioned.

As the definition of sport starts to broaden, viewership statistics are demanding more coverage and more inclusion, according to WKU eSport Organizer John Hay.

"There's more people who watch the championship for the League of Legends than those who watch the world series of baseball, or the finals game in the NBA."

"We have a female player on our team. She's from Dubai. She's one of the players from UAE. Her name is Joana De La Cruz, and she plays support for us," John Hay added.

An up and coming collegiate sport, played on a different field.

"I think it's going to boom, and we're going to see a lot of people come together and form a whole different community," Head Coach Andrew Renfrow stated.

Currently, the varsity e-sports program has six players from all over the world and will start competing in the spring.

If you are a Hilltopper and are interested in possibly trying out for the team, click on the link attached to this story to take you to WKU's Varsity eSports team website.