WKU plays a big part in DIY workshop opened by alums

Published: Sep. 5, 2019 at 12:03 PM CDT
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A couple of WKU graduates, who met and married while working on the hill, are realizing a dream they never knew they had.

And it all started with a bachelorette party as Amy Bingham explains in this week’s View from the Hill.

By day, they help students realize their dream of a higher education. But by night Brian and Allison Campbell give people the chance to create vintage masterpieces in a woodworking studio.

This is a typical Thursday night at Board and Brush.

Almost two years to the day that owner Allison Campbell first encountered this kind of creative studio.

“I did my bachelorette party at a location of Board and Brush in other city. “As soon as I went I just fell in love with it and I came back and just started talking to him about it.”

That Christmas she took her husband Brian to a Board and Brush workshop and they were hooked.

“For me, I had an interest already in the woodworking aspect.”

Without quitting their day jobs at WKU, Brian in Admissions and Allison in the Mahurin Honors college, the two opened a Board and Brush franchise in Bowling Green back in January.

“We’ve got wonderful staff and that’s how we’re able to balance doing our jobs during the day at WKU then come here right after the clock ends at 4:30.”

Neither of them earned a degree in business but that didn’t stop them from taking this leap of faith.

“Given that we both work in admissions it’s a lot of marketing and that’s a lot of sales honestly so we were hopeful those skills would transfer.”

“One thing I did take from my WKU experience that I never knew would set me up for this but did is, I had taken an entrepreneurship course in the winter term to finish out my honors college credits.”

Building a business and building relationships, just like they do at WKU.

“So many of our customers that have either graduated from WKU or work at WKU and we didn’t know them well. Always I think that little thread of WKU that kind of runs throughout our work here.”

To book a workshop you can go to their website, boardandbrush -dot-com slash Bowling Green. The Campbells are gearing up for a busy fall season.