WKU seniors adapt to new student teaching methods

Published: Apr. 4, 2020 at 5:15 PM CDT
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Western Kentucky University has almost 200 Topper Teacher Candidates this year. Due to COVID-19, those Hilltoppers have been thrown for a loop, but are now adjusting to their new methods of teaching.

"Starting next week, my mentor teacher finally has a plan for our NTI days in JCPS," said Caitlin Brock, Topper Teacher Candidate."So I'll be starting to work with her and planning lessons. Right now I am working on some chemistry lessons for our online high school students."

During the Spring semester, topper candidates must complete 70 days of classroom instruction with their teacher mentor in order to be certified.

One major worry among most of the college seniors is, will they be able to graduate on time?

"Especially because even the school's weren't sure that the NTI days were going to count towards the school year," added Brock. "So if those weren't going to count then how are we going to make up our days because we have to have 70 days in the classroom with our mentor teacher for student teaching in order to get certified."

The Director of Professional Educator Services at WKU said that their students will be certified and graduate on time.

"We are very fortunate that the Kentucky Department of Education, the Kentucky State Department and our Educational Standards Boards are working really closely with us to meet those needs to figure out a way to still get that credential. They'll graduate on time," said Stephanie Martin.

Martin is also proud of all her topper candidates and said, if anything, this new challenge will just make them more ready for teaching in the fall.