WKU students and traffic return to Bowling Green

Published: Aug. 27, 2018 at 6:19 PM CDT
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Classes are back in session at WKU, bringing thousands of students back to Bowling Green, along with the traffic that comes with it.

The university's Parking and Transportation Services staff worked around campus Monday, observing how parking lots were being used and helping students get where they needed to be.

PTS staff are reminding drivers of some general safety measures.

"The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour, and Avenue of Champions is not a drag strip, so please treat it as such," said Jennifer Tougas, PTS director. "Particularly when we have classes in session, then a lot of pedestrians. And the pedestrians need to look out for cars; cars need to look out for pedestrians."

PTS also said the road infrastructure around campus can accommodate the traffic, but they are currently working with the state and other organizations to monitor any need for changes.

"There is a study that's currently underway to see if we can improve the corridor along Russellville Road, and that's the pinch point underneath the railroad tracks," Tougas said. "You end up with a lot of traffic backing up just because you can't widen the road there."