WKU students turn class project into reality to help local restaurants

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- While WKU Business students are left out of class due to the coronavirus outbreak, that isn't stopping them from their studies or community involvement.

Some business students at WKU turned a project designed for their class into reality.

With help from a model from their professor, they created Save Our Restaurants.

The goal is to help local restaurants in Bowling Green during this time of uncertainty. The service even offers special discounts on some items just by using their services to place your order.

"I created a project for my sales majors and minors. To give them a real life selling experience, instead of just being involved in role play. So I called some restaurants and a couple friends of mine and told them my students could sell their food products by calling people all over Bowling Green. And it started today and already we already have 5 orders," said Professor at WKU, Chris Derry.

Reagan Taylor a student at WKU says this gives her the ability to gain real life experience within her studies and also allows her to give back to local restaurants in the Bowling Green community that she has seen grow and flourish during her time growing up in the community.

"Growing up in Bowling Green and watching all of theses restaurants flourish into what they are today was a really big benefit to me and all of the students as well. Being at home it's definitely been a change and wanting to bring that in and incorporate my sales major and still feeling like I'm still able to help the community," said Taylor.

Delivery is available for orders. All purchases are made through the restaurant.

Email your order to SaveOurRestaurants@wku.edu.