WKU’s College and Career Coach provides high school seniors extra support

Published: Jan. 23, 2020 at 11:53 AM CST
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The end of January is crunch time for scholarship applications and other important college deadlines.

WKU is providing extra support for area high school seniors as Amy Bingham explains in this week’s View from the Hill.

Housing, Financial Aid, Scholarships. The list of deadlines can be overwhelming. But WKU has hired a College and Career Coach to provide one-on-one assistance each week at every high school in Bowling Green and Warren County.

“I serve as a liaison sort of for the university”

Every Tuesday morning, South Warren High School seniors can find WKU’s College and Career coach Andy Wagoner here at the Transition Readiness Center.

“I can go back and contact departments or offices for them and find out if there’s a hold up on something or if the student needs additional information.”

Wagoner provides this one on one time at all the local high schools every week.

“Each high school in Warren County and Bowling Green has a different set up. In fact, out visits are different. Some schools, students come in on walk-ins, have walk in visits and some schools set up appointments to meet with me.”

South Warren’s College and Career Transition Readiness Coach Julie Waddell says it’s reassuring for students to have this support.

“Now that deadlines are starting to come in and graduation is approaching kids are starting to feel that pressure just a little bit.”

“Occasionally we are having to calm them down and reel them back in and be like no you’ve got this.”

“Sometimes I can remind them, hey have you filled out your housing application and they go oh I completely forgot about that.”

The ultimate goal ---setting each student up for success.

“We can get them started on a good foundation in making sure they are able to take the necessary steps to be a successful student at Western.”

Wagoner began this position in late October. He previously served as a WKU Admissions Counselor for five years, WKU Scholarship Director for 22 years and Americorps Kentucky College Coach at Warren East for three years.

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