WKU's Confucius Institute teaching local youth Chinese culture & language

Published: May. 5, 2017 at 5:19 PM CDT
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A local institute taking time out of their busy week to introduce Warren County youth to the Chinese culture and language.

Rich Pond Elementary Curriculum Coordinator Arrah Holdsworth says students exploring Chinese culture get to learn more than just the language.

"They teach lessons to our students, we focus on language, and culture. We do folk tales, fairy tales in the Chinese language. Conversational language, numbers, greetings," Holdsworth stated.

Numbers, greetings and culture, all dedicated to a lesson in global competency for Rich Pond Elementary, according to Arrah Holdsworth.

"Our world is ever-changing and ever smaller, and so, with certain business partnerships in the area, it makes sense for us to have a recognition and an understanding of another culture. And so, anytime that we can broaden the scope of a child's life and understanding, and education, it's valuable."

But the ones behind the mission to teach about Chinese culture are Luo Shu and Liu Jin from WKU's Confucius Institute, also known as "Ms. Sue" and "Mr. Dylan" to the Bulldogs.

"We have an overlapping class. We both teach them. It's a mixture of second grade and third grade," Liu Jin mentioned.

"We love that class! We have to teach kids from elementary school. Let them know it's important that the whole globe is working together and how this world functions," Luo Shu added.

Fourth grader Jenna Reneau says she enjoys learning a different culture and understands why it's important to learn globalization.

"I like learning what's bad luck in China, like, you can't flip a fish because it resembles flipping a boat over, and that shows death. If we ever ended up getting married to a Chinese person or, ever just moving to China, we would know what to do," Reneau explained.

And Luo Shu and Liu Jin say they enjoy expanding cultural horizons to our local youth.

"We are lucky, like, we're blessed. I think we're blessed," Jin mentioned.

"We love Rich Pond!" Shu exclaimed.

"We love Rich Pond, guys. If you can see this, we love you!" Jin added.

Luo Shu and Liu Jin have been working with the Rich Pond bulldogs for about a year now, and say they can't wait for more years to come.