WKU’s School of Nursing turning out heavily recruited graduates

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With an aging population of baby boomers and a soon to be retiring workforce of nurses, there’s a critical shortage of RN’s in the United States.

Amy Bingham has more on how WKU’s expanded School of Nursing is helping fill that need in this week’s View from the Hill.

It’s been more than five years since the The Medical Center –WKU Health Science Complex opened and doubled the number of nursing students admitted into the program. It’s grown even more since then and is turning out heavily recruited graduates.

“We are kind of preparing for our final demonstration which is full head to toe assessment.”
William Kelley knew in high school that he wanted to be a nurse.

“My sister is a nurse she kind of first got me interested but then I took anatomy and physiology as a duel credit class and I just loved it.”
William and his classmates are among the 120 qualified students WKU now accepts for each fall and spring semester.

“It’s the best time in the world for people to consider a career in nursing.”

BSN program coordinator Dr. Sherry Lovan says the demand for nurses is not going away.

“Nurses will get a job when they graduate. Right now in Kentucky the average salary is about 57 thousand dollars which is not a bad amount of money to earn for a four year degree.”

She’s hoping to get students to consider a nursing career sooner.
“We see people more and more every semester apply to the program and they have a degree in something else. What they’ve decided is this is not really what they want to do or they can’t get a job in that career path so they choose nursing.”

The top notch Health Sciences Complex that opened in 2013 was in direct response to the nationwide nursing shortage.

“I’ve had several different employees and hospitals tell me they look for Western graduates. They know the reputation we carry because we’re prepared.”

That’s why they are spreading the word—there’s never been a better time to become a WKU BSN graduate.

“If you care about people, if you don’t mind the sciences, it’s a great career.”

To learn more about WKU’s School of Nursing, log onto www.wku.edu/nursing.

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