Warm their heart with a KSP Trooper Teddy Bear for Valentine's Day

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- If you've already bought your flowers and you're looking to pair your floral arrangement with chocolates or a teddy bear, Kentucky State Police are selling Trooper Teddy Bears with a meaningful purpose.

You can stop in at KSP Post #3 on 3119 Nashville Road and purchase a Trooper Teddy Bear now on sale for $14.99. It makes more than a heartwarming gift, it is a part of a program that has been in place since 1989 that provides stuffed animals to children during traumatic experiences such as car crashes, child or sexual abuse cases and also to terminally ill children.

"The program is designed for us Trooper's to have a teddy bear that looks like a State Trooper in the back of our cars. That way we can give these bears out to kids that you can tell are physically disturbed by something going on in their lives," said Trooper Daniel Priddy. "And it just helps diminish a little bit of whats going on. It helps bring the stress level down and it helps them cope with what is happening in their lives, because this is probably the worst time that they've ever faced. And to do that and to be able to pay for the bears that we give away, we sell the bears. So it's kind of it's own fundraiser."

If you want to purchase a Trooper Teddy Bear at KSP Post #3 they will take cash or check. The bears will also remain on sale on Valentine's Day.

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