Warren Central High School students job shadow professionals at M&L Electrical

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Upperclassman from Warren Central High School visited M&L electrical for a day of job shadowing on Friday.

The experience for the juniors and seniors was made possible through a partnership between Junior Achievement of South Central Kentucky and M&L Electrical.

"They are having a tour looking at all the different departments just learning all of the different avenues that are available within the construction trade industry," said Abby Phillips Director of Education, Junior Achievement, "They get to do a hands-on boot camp experience to see what it is actually like to work with the tools the parts and the materials. They really network and make connections and learn about some options for life after high school."

Prior to visiting the facility on Friday, students participated in two in-class Junior Achievement sessions taught by an M&L Electrical employee.

"The trades are not just for people that couldn't cut college," said Krystal Parker, Communications Administrator of M&L Electrical, "We want them to really realize that this is a second option and not a fallback plan."

Students on Friday got the chance to also participate in mock interviews and gain real-life experience to help them get a job in the future.

"My main thing with like finding a new job for my future is having a place where you feel respected and you can have a family there with everybody," said Madison Rather 11th grader WCHS, "You know that there is someone there to help you whenever you need it."

All 5 high schools including Warren County School District and Bowling Green Independent Schools will have students visiting M&L Electrical within the next few months.

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