Warren County Attorney Amy Milliken's 3 daughters graduate during pandemic

Published: May. 15, 2020 at 5:30 PM CDT
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Graduation is different this year for every high school class around the country.

It's a proud moment for any mother, especially when you have three children graduating.

Warren County Attorney Amy Milliken's 3 daughters will all graduate amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Initially it was stressful knowing that she graduated from fifth grade, she graduated from high school, Abby graduated from college all within like a two week period," said Milliken.

Three daughters, three big accomplishments, but a 2020 celebration looks different.

"For fifth grade we got to do a drive-thru and they cheered for the children and they called their name out and they gave them a diploma and they got to jump out and take their picture," Milliken said.

Amy's youngest daughter Ruth graduated fifth grade at Potter Gray Elementary.

"I was glad we got to do something for it," Ruth said.

Amy Miliken's daughters are graduating fifth grade, high school, and college.

"Really just saddened that they weren't able to take part in these special events," Milliken said.

However, through these times the girls made the best of it by supporting each other.

"Well I was kind of more sad for Chloe because hers is a little bit bigger than mine," Ruth said.

"They really put each other above themselves which makes me happy and me proud of them," Amy Milliken said.

All sharing their unique circumstances.

"I've tried to teach them that while this is frustrating to them that they're not able to finish school and they're not able to spend time with their friends, it's building character because adversity builds character," Amy Milliken said.

If one positive thing has come out of this pandemic, it's time; time spent with family at home.

"Being home with them and having dinner together on a regular basis and just spending time together. it has been nice to be with them. So, I treasure this time because I probably would not have gotten it if things were normal."

Although there is no in-person graduation for the three girls, this year 's graduations will definitely be on they'll never forget.

"This is crazy that we're living through this pandemic and we all three graduated, I mean that's crazy," Chloe said.

Now is also the time for high school students to look forward to prom, but the pandemic has put a stop to that.

However, Chloe was able to celebrate in a special way. Through a radio contest, she won a Virtual Prom Concert with country singer Jake Owen.

Chloe was able to wear her prom dress and listen to a virtual live concert with Jake Owen who gave some inspirational words to those seniors missing out on some big events this year. He also sang some of his most famous songs and talked about his personal prom experience.

"He had like a red curtain in the background, and a disco ball, prom 2020 balloons. It was so cool. I mean it is sad that I can't go my last year, but we're making the best of it," Chloe said. "That virtual prom makes me super excited and maybe whenever corona goes away we can still get together with some friends and have a little get together."

Chloe is happy that she was able to celebrate prom and is making the best of the circumstances.