Warren County Public Schools to hold safety forum

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- In the days following the school shooting at a Florida high school, several potential threats have been reported across the nation, including here in Kentucky.

To help reassure parents of school safety and allow an open discussion for ideas and concerns. Warren County Public Schools has scheduled a Community Safety Forum.

The Forum will be on Monday, February 26 at 6:30 p.m. in the Greenwood High School auditorium.

"Any threat that comes into the school, either outside through social media or to the school, we conduct a criminal investigation and then we'll handle it appropriately," says Deputy Mike Waldrop, School Resource Officer at Warren East High School.

He's also encouraging parents to make sure and keep an eye on their children's social media accounts.

Warren County Superintendent, Rob Clayton says he's looking forward to the forum.

"As a parent myself, we all have questions, and certainly as the Superintendent, we want to reassure our parents that not only do we have procedures and protocols in place, but that we're continuously engaging in dialogue with our students."

Clayton goes to on say, "We want every one of our schools to be a culture in which students feel comfortable reporting concerns, and we've seen a rise in the number of reported threats -- not only in our schools, but certainly across the commonwealth and across the nation."

Clayton says he'll discuss all the information with parents and guardians that he can legally disclose.

"We're not in a position, in some cases, to disclose information that we know would put our parents' minds at ease because we don't want to hinder the investigation," he adds.

"We just want to be in a position where we can communicate effectively with our parents. We don't want to raise the level of hysteria, but certainly we understand that," Clayton says, adding that he's a father of three, one of which is still in the school system.

Clayton goes on to say that students are strongly encouraged to report anything they feel could be a potential threat, but he says, "Often times, these are fairly benign comments, but then they tend to change as they're communicated from student to student to eventually, what was someone saying they were depressed, to now they're going to pose a threat in a school. We see that far too often, but again, we want to do a through investigation."

He says one of the main things he's looking forward to regarding the safety forum is hearing from parents about what they want to see done.

The safety forum will include not only Superintendent Clayton, but also Major Tommy Smith with the Warren County Sheriff's Department.

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