Warren County Regional Jail launching video visitation

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Warren County Regional Jail will be launching its video visitation/ inmate kiosk system in partnership with Securus Friday, March 27.

WCRJ staff have been working with Securus and have made the necessary arrangements to 'go-live' this Friday with minimal Securus Staff onsite,

They will be launching only the remote visitation at this time. On-site visitation will come after local, state, and federal mandates are lifted.

Securus is the inmate communications vendor for WCRJ. Video visitation will allow for the inmate's friends and family to visit remotely. The launch of the program will provide for increased visitation opportunities in a remote environment, saving friends and family travel money, parking issues, arranging childcare, or scheduling time off work.

The cost of each 20-minute friends and family remote visit will be $7.95 plus tax. For those who choose to visit on-site at WCRJ, there will be no cost and the "go-live" for onsite visitation is to be announced.

Friends and family who wish to visit must visit the Securus website to ger registered as a visitor.

You will be prompted to upload a photo of yourself and a photo of your state-issued identification. These requests submitted via the Securus website will be approved by WCRJ staff for safety and security purposes.

You will have to schedule an appointment via Securus's website at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that all inmates have adequate access to visitation.

The Securus visitation system will occur via the inmate kiosk device in each cell inside the facility and functions like the Apple Facetime application.

The person scheduling the visit can utilize smartphones, laptops and desktop computers to visit their incarcerated loved one.

WCRJ will enable the approved clergy/ministers and an account for on-site visitation once this portion of the system goes "live."

Attorneys may utilize video visitation for the same fee as friends and family and will register the same way. There is a place in the registration to designate attorney status and upload official bar information.

This will ensure that the video visitation isn't recorded for attorney/client privilege.

Visitation is contingent upon the kiosk being available in each cell and as the schedule online permits.

Along with visitation, the kiosk will provide communication/information for inmate questions to staff, law, library, electronic, grievance/ medical request system, electronic Aramark Commissary ordering, and other applications that will go live over the next few months.

This system will increase offerings to inmates and create a new revenue stream for funding enhancements to the jail operation.

To visit the Securus for more information go to www.videovisitanywhere.com.

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