Warren County Regional Jail saves money, brings improvements to jail

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Warren County Jailer Stephen Harmon sat down with 13 News to talk about ways the jail has saved money and how they are using the money to make improvements to the jail.

Harmon said the last major renovation at The Warren County Regional Jail happened about 20 years ago and now it is time to bring changes to the facility.

"And so I try to look at every contract as it comes up for renewal. How can we get the most out of it, not only service to the inmate, but also facility-wide how can we get as many dollars out of that negotiation as we can get," said Harmon.

Harmon explained that recently he began re-negotiating contracts, which ultimately saved money that they are using to buy new equipment, like tasers and restraint chairs. He said the money will also be used to make improvements to the building.

"We're looking at some flooring that needs to be replaced, we are out to bid currently, the court gave us permission to bid four new washers and dryers," said Harmon. "We're replacing four of each of those machines that are 20 years old."

The Warren County Regional Jail is built to hold 562 people and Harmon said it consistently stays at capacity with numbers increasing every day.

"And I can tell you that not only in Warren County, but all the way across the Commonwealth every facility, whether it's state-run or county jail, they're all at capacity and housing more than they have beds," said Harmon.

Harmon said the jail routinely holds more than 700 inmates, which is why he and the Warren County Fiscal Court are exploring their options of expanding.

"And this is still the greatest place in the state, as far as I'm concerned, to live and raise a family and work, unfortunately, our numbers continue to increase," said Harmon.

Upgrades that make a difference in the safety and functionality of the jail.

Harmon added the jail used a separate source of funding to recently purchase two new vehicles to be used for worksite visits and checking on people on home incarceration.

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