Warren County absentee voting looking steady

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- With the 2016 Election Day right around the corner, Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes says there's been a significant increase in use of absentee ballots throughout the state.

But here at home, the number for absentee voter turnout in Warren County is looking like last year, according to Warren County Clerk Lynette Yates.

"We have checked back on the last presidential election just for our own knowledge, to know where we're standing, and currently with walk-in and what we have, we're looking at about 2,600 right now with ballots that haven't been mailed back, and the ballots that have already been sent back."

But as this election seems to grab the attention of more voters this year, Lynette Yates has noticed a pattern of confusion with the voters.

"I think there's been some confusion about early voting and absentee voting. Kentucky doesn't have early voting, we have absentee voting. When we're mailing out absentee ballots, you are signing that there's a disability, medical reasons, something of that nature, your age, that we have to mail you that ballot that you can't go to the polls on Election Day."

And when a highly scrutinized election comes around, so do backup plans, according to Lynette Yates.

"Generally we send a sheriff or someone out if it can't be handled at the precinct. When there's a big election like this, you can run out of ballots, you have to send things out, I mean, there's just a lot of things that we have to do during the day," Lynette Yates added.

And for those who are concerned about a rigged outcome, Warren County Clerk Lynette Yates says Kentucky voters shouldn't worry.

"From my experience, I think things are very securely looked at. The computer that we tabulate everything on is not set up on the internet for that reason."

Leaving Lynette Yates asking for you to do your part.

"People have fought for our rights, and this is our one time that our voice can be heard."

For those who may have questions over the voting process, Lynette Yates says you can call the Warren County Clerk's office at (270) 843-5306.

For a look at a voter information guide, click on the link attached.

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