Warren County offering free mosquito spraying

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Summer is well known to be an attractive time of the year to be outside -- not just for people, but for mosquitoes as well.

The Warren County Road Department and Public Works offers free spray treatment to its residents to get rid of adult mosquitoes. (Photo: Pixnio)

With all the rain South Central Kentucky has been experiencing, the puddles and stagnant pools of water created inevitably attract the pest.

For residents in Warren County, however, you are able to request the county to come and spray against adult mosquitoes. The service is free.

"When we first started spraying, we had over 700 calls. And we're averaging around 100 calls a day now," said Jerry Young, Roads Supervisor for Warren County.

Warren County Public Works has a truck equipped with a sprayer, as does the Road Department.

"We spray from the road," said Young. "We use a spray that puts out a mist and it kills the adult flying mosquito."

To help prevent getting mosquitoes in the first place, there are some things the county suggests you do.

To get rid of mosquito habitats, you should get rid of standing water in old tires, rain gutters, and puddles.

Empty buckets, toys, potted plant trays, bird baths, plastic covers at least once a week.

You should also drain temporary pools and keep swimming pools treated and circulating.

To request a spray treatment, you can call (270) 393-3535 or visit this website.

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