Warren County teacher speaks out on sick-outs

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Teachers locally have their own ideas about the teacher sick-outs and the bills pending in Frankfort regarding the future of Kentucky schools.

WBKO spoke with former teacher of the year Patrice McCrary of Cumberland Trace Elementary.

McCrary is a teacher who has always been vocal about her opinion in regards to the future of education.

"House Bill 205 is basically a bill that would ultimately drain funds from public education funding and poured over into private schools, then 525 the TRS Board change set up," said McCrary.

"The input from our parents, the input from the teachers is critical, who better know who and what we need in our circumstances than somebody who lives in the building day in and day out," said McCrary.

She continued.

"When you get into a situation where one individual is responsible for having a finger on the polls of every single school especially on a large district, it makes it very hard to have that close touch that is needed to make that selection."

Funding for public schools is already difficult enough, but McCrary "there is a constitutional right to have a free public education with the necessary components to be in place. At some point in time that constitutional right of covering what needs to covered in our schools is sliding as that is happening suddenly we are are going to be pouring out tons of money into the private school system."

McCrary has been outspoken with legislators before and says she will continue to let her voice be heard.

"I want them to at all times think about 100% of the children in the commonwealth and not just a few.I want the dollar sign taken away and I want the children and their needs put first and foremost," said McCrary.

She sends a message to all teachers: "advocate, advocate, advocate for education, you are the voter, you are the voice, let your voice be heard."

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