Warren County to add five resource officers, one for each middle school

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Warren County has officially approved the addition of five school resource officers.

"It's a great day for the schools and the kids," said Sheriff Gaines.

Superintendent Rob Clayton and Sheriff Peanut Gaines made the announcement at fiscal court this morning.

"The school resource officer program has been vital to the success in our high schools, and we want to expand that program," said Rob Clayton.

An additional five resource officers to be added to Warren County School system.

"Warren County schools and Warren County government has long prided itself in being progressive and trying to be on the cutting edge and out in front, and I think this is just one small example," said Clayton.

Now, each middle school will have its own SRO.

"That school belongs to that deputy, that's his little domain, and he's keeping the safety of the kids, teachers," said Sheriff Gaines.

"To the idea of prevention verus cure. It's not in a reactive sense, although that is always a real possibility that we will never underestimate," said Dr. Laura Hudson, Principal at South Warren Middle School.

Safety, an obvious priority for SRO's, but the purpose also goes beyond that.

"The reality is that's a small component of their value in our schools," said Clayton.

"They're there to protect and to serve and I don't know that a lot of students view them that way, so this is an opportunity to change that mindset and make that kind of connect to your community," said Dr. Hudson.

"After they get there, they get to knowing the kids, kids know them," said Sheriff Gaines.

Superintendent Rob Clayton said Warren County was the first district in Kentucky to begin a School Resource Program -- one that's clearly taken flight across the state.

"We'll provide that sense of comfort, but we also believe that it'll serve as a model for other districts as well," said Clayton.
According to Bill 364, school resource officers are required to have 20 years of experience as a deputy or peace officer.

If you're interested in becoming a Warren County resource officer, you can contact the sheriff's office (270) 842-1633​.

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