Warren County wet vote goes into effect

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- It's official. As of Sunday, January 6, Warren County is legally a wet county.

In November, 74 percent of voters were in favor of the county going wet.

Sunday marked the 60 day period since Judge-Executive, Mike Buchanon signed off on the order to put the vote into law.

He said as of Monday, two people had called to inquire about getting liquor licenses in the county.

"I think it will mostly be small grocery store operations that want to expand their business, have you pick up your milk and bread there as long as you're picking up your beer," he said.

He said he doesn't expect to see liquor stores popping up in the county. Instead, he believes it will be already-existing stores that will want to sell alcohol.

Local event venues tell 13 News they don't want to apply for a liquor license to sell alcohol. Their goal in all of this was to just be able to serve alcohol legally.

"It allows us to have control over the alcohol being brought in and put rules in place," said Angie Mosley, manager at Highland Stables.

"It's a relief. I think it's just a relief moving forward," she added.

"I'm glad that venue owners and venue operators throughout Warren County can now legally do their business and that was the primary reason we promoted this in the first place," said Judge Buchanon.

"Honestly going forward it's not a matter of changing as much as it is, we will be able to regulate. So for us, we will require that they use an ABC bartender. We will be able to make sure that they're not drinking in the parking lot and that kind of thing," Mosley went on to say.

If you are interested in getting information about obtaining a liquor license, Judge Buchanon said there are several types people can apply for (some permanent, some temporary).

He said they will also have to go through the state, so licenses will take at least 30 days.

You can also contact Sarah Bessinger at the Warren County Attorney's Office at 270-782-2760 if you have questions about getting a license.

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