Wasau gun owner in DC to strengthen gun control laws

Published: Nov. 17, 2015 at 9:53 PM CST
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Gun owners from across the country traveled to DC this week to urge the Obama administration to strengthen gun laws. The MoveOn.org Gun Owners for Gun Control organization had a delegation of 15 meet with White House officials and respective Congressmen from their states.

A few gun owners are working to make it more difficult for Americans to get guns. Grant Short, from Paint Lick, KY, says he loves owning guns, but he also says it is wrong that any person that wants to can walk into a gun show and purchase a firearm with cash. He wants to work with the Obama administration to change that.

"I just don’t think people are fully aware of how big that loophole is and how many criminals take advantage of it,” said Short.

Gun Owners for Gun Control is an organization that says the National Rifle Association (NRA) doesn’t speak for them. David Keefe, from Wausau, WI, was part of the delegation. He says he hopes Congress can finally pass a comprehensive background check law, which it has failed to do in the past.

"We’re hoping that this time it’ll go through, or President Obama will use an executive action,” said Keefe.

Short is an NRA member, but says he thinks the gun group is desensitized to the issues surrounding gun violence.

"I feel like the gun lobby is the only one being represented in Congress, which...at this point I’m going to revoke my membership,” said Short.

Keefe says the White House was receptive to the organization’s plans to strengthen gun laws, as were Senators and Representatives from Wisconsin. He says he thinks American parents live in constant fear of their loved one being involved in the next school shooting.

"I really think even what happened in Paris recently, that the average American lives in more fear of that than they do of international terrorism or ISIS,” said Keefe.

By law, gun sales at gun shows involving a federally licensed gun dealer do require background checks. The so called ‘loophole' only involves sales between private parties, including between