Water treatment plant accident

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Friday, an accident occurred at the water treatment plant at 16 Chestnut St. in Bowling Green.

The plant is wrapping up the installation of a new disinfection process moving away from chlorine gas to liquid chlorine.

While the contractors were working on the pipeline a fitting broke loose and a pressurized high concentrate liquid chlorine sprayed on their faces.

Mark Iverson, General Manager of BGMU, says “ This is an unfortunate accident that happened at the water treatment plant and unfortunately four contract employees were injured. There’s nothing to worry with respect to the general public in terms of, it’s all kind of contained by the plant itself.”

Iverson said if the accident had happened with the former disinfection process, it could have been much worse.

A triage center was set up on site and 4 contracted employees were sent to the Medical Center, 3 of which have already been sent home.

The fourth is still there but expected to make a full recovery.

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