UPDATE: West Virginia boy claims Timothy Madden targeted him

Published: Mar. 6, 2016 at 3:10 PM CST
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UPDATE 6:15 PM 3/7/16

Timothy Madden's wife says accusations of her husband trying to lure boys into an RV in West Virginia are false.

Instead, she told WBKO in an exclusive interview on Monday that she was at physical rehabilitation facility in Bowling Green with her husband.

"He was with me October 9 at SKY Rehab. There's a picture to prove it. I raised my arm for the first time. Timmy sent that to my sister-in-law. He took it and sent it," said Jodi Madden.

Madden had complications during a pregnancy in August 2015 that caused her to suffer three strokes. During recovery she was diagnosed with a rare disease that's caused her to lose mobility and eyesight.

Documents filed in Allen Circuit Court during the month of February details an incident in Mason, West Virginia where a man with an RV asked to boys to take a ride with him in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

The documents state the two boys ran from the scene back to Wahama High School. The incident was reported to local police when it happened in October 2015.

A month later when Timothy Madden was arrested for the murder of Gabbi Doolin, a news report in West Virginia caught the attention of one of the boys who said Madden may have been the man with the RV.

Kentucky State Police opened an investigation after getting a call from the family in West Virginia.

Court documents show KSP is looking into cell phone tower data from October 8 through October 11, 2015. Those same documents also detail a cell phone taken to Bluegrass Wireless in Scottsville. An employee with the company told police Madden gave them a phone that was having trouble getting service. The worker states that she transferred all information from that phone to a new one. Police are now looking into that new phone.

Police also collected two computer towers and 18 CDs according to the court documents. All of those were taken from the Madden home shortly after he was arrested in November 2015.

Madden's wife said the entire situation has been rough on not only her, but also her children. She said she wasn't there the night Gabbi Doolin was killed. She didn't want to talk about the situation at all, but said her husband has never been violent around her or her kids in the ten years they've been married.

"If we got into he would go to one end of the trailer and I would go to the other. We would sleep in separate beds. He would sleep on the couch. I've never seen that side of him. I never raised a hand to me. He never put his hands on me."

Kentucky State Police released a statement regarding the investigation in West Virginia Monday.

"We have not released any further statement nor are we going to make any other public statement at this time regarding this investigation. And, as always, if the Kentucky State Police receives a report or allegation of a crime, it is our duty to investigate those allegations."

Madden will face his charges of Murder, Rape, Sodomy, and Kidnapping in the death of Gabbi Doolin again this Summer. He's not scheduled to be in court again until July.

UPDATE: 7:45 PM 3/6/16

Timothy Madden's attorney, Travis Lock, issued us this statement:

"I am disappointed that the Kentucky State Police detectives seem to want to try this case in the court of public opinion by repeatedly orchestrating maneuvers that are clearly intended to inflame the passions of the public, including any and all potential future participants in the jury trial process.

It is hard to imagine any other possible motive that KSP could have for filing these documents in the record, other than to poison the prospective jury pool panel. The timing of these affidavits is further suspect give then initial information forming their basis was presented to KSP nearly three months prior. These same detectives unequivocally told me they had no interest in obtaining or reviewing video recordings that show Timothy Madden immediately prior to the crime and directly thereafter.

It is difficult to comprehend why KSP would have no interest in gathering admissible evidence less than a mile from the scene of the crime, but go out of their way to investigate an allegation from West Virginia that is highly unlikely to have any relevance to or bearing on this case. Suffice it to say there are aspects of this investigation that will likely be subject to scrutiny in future court proceedings.

Timothy Madden has the right to a fair trial, which is undoubtedly being jeopardized by KSP's decisions to conjure as much negative information as possible and schematically put it in the court file. Ultimately, this case should be tried in the courtroom rather than the news."

KSP would not comment, but did confirm that the investigation is ongoing.

A Kentucky State Police affidavit says Timothy Madden, charged in the killing of 7-year-old Gabbi Doolin, was identified by a West Virginia boy as someone who allegedly tried to lure him into a vehicle a month before Doolin's death.

A KSP detective filed the affidavit for a search warrant last month in the case of Timothy Madden of Scottsville.

Madden has pleaded not guilty to murder, kidnapping, rape and sodomy charges in the November death of Gabriella Doolin.

The affidavit says a boy watching a television account of Madden's arrest told his father that the suspect was the same man who allegedly asked him and another boy to get into his vehicle Oct. 9 at a gas station in Mason, West Virginia.

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