Western Kentucky University signs agreement with Somerset Community College

Published: Aug. 15, 2019 at 5:54 PM CDT
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Western Kentucky University is teaming up with the Somerset Community College to create new pathways for students in Southern Kentucky.

"I am really excited that today we are going to be signing a partnership agreement with Somerset Community College, to partner with them on their University Center of Southern Kentucky," said Dr. Beth Laves, the Associate Vice President of Division of Extended Learning and Outreach.

The University Center of Southern Kentucky will allow for those that live in and around Somerset the opportunity to earn their full Bachelor's degree locally without having to attend a typical four-year university.

Students will complete their Associate degree at the Somerset Community College and then complete their Bachelor's degree with WKU.

"That's the upper division junior and senior year, and they'll do those with us in hybrid and online programs. We'll be using live streaming classes and online technologies," said Laves.

"I am really kind of excited because we have had some connections with WKU already with several programs, and I think this is just the logical next level," said Carey Castle, the president and CEO for Somerset Community College. "It really helps us enhance what we're able to offer and then I hope in the future it expands what WKU can do with students in that area as well."

All students involved in the program will have full access to WKU libraries and resources.

The University Center of Southern Kentucky opens Fall of 2019 and the program with Western Kentucky University plans to begin in the Fall of 2020.