Wet vote goes into effect in Warren County in 60 days

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- On Tuesday election results came in and Warren County registered voters overwhelmingly voted 'yes' to make the county wet, legalizing the selling and serving of alcohol outside the city limits.

Back in August a petition starting circulating around Warren County to get a wet/dry vote placed on the November ballot. Several local venues started the move, hoping to keep business in the county.

"As venue owner we knew that you couldn't sell alcohol. We don't want to sell alcohol, but everybody thought when our rules and regulations and everything was written up that we were all okay for brides and grooms to bring alcohol in," said Angie Mosley, manager of Highland Stables.

But these venue owners found out that the way the law was currently written, that wasn't the case. They would need nearly 13,000 signatures to place the vote on the ballot.

"It was a whirlwind because this process typically takes about 6 months, just the petition process takes around six months. We had three weeks essentially to get it done. We got a little bit of an extension and when we found out we were able to do the electronic signatures, that was a game changer for us," said Mosley.

On election night, 74% of the votes were in favor of the county going wet.

"I think I was a little shocked maybe that it did go as overwhelmingly positive as it did. It's a good feeling. It definitely was a nice feeling to wake up today and know that it passed and I think that it's going to be good for Warren County, I truly do," added Mosley.

Venue owners and small businesses are hoping this will keep people in Warren County for not only weddings and events, but for daily tasks as well, in turn increasing revenue for the county as a whole.

"People want to stop and get their milk and bread and beer at one place. So if they were able to have alcohol -- if they wanted to -- in Plano or in Hadley or something, I think it would be great and even for Warren County just the extra revenue," said Mosley.

Judge-Executive Mike Buchanon said he's signing off on the order on Wednesday and it will become law 60 days after that, so come early January Warren County will legally be wet.

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