What to do with your tree after Christmas

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- As fun as it is setting up decorations for the holidays, it's not near as fun taking them all down. For many, that's especially true when it comes to getting that Christmas tree out of the house.

One option is donating your tree to become a fish habitat. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife has set up several drop off locations for Christmas trees throughout the state, including locations in Warren and Barren counties.

Fish and Wildlife has asked that you remove all ornaments and decorations from your tree, and then you can take it to any of the drop off locations, listed Click here.

"The Christmas tree provides structure for some fish to hide in, some fish to lay their eggs when they spawn, and as well as predatory fish to hide, that way they can hunt their pray. It benefits predators and pray and offers fish the ability to have a more successful reproduction rate as well as they have a place to lay their eggs," says Lt. Jeremy McQueary with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife.

According to Cabela's, one Bowling Green drop off location, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife will start picking up trees around January 15. Cabela's has a sign set up in the right-hand corner of its parking lot to direct people on where to drop their trees. As of Wednesday afternoon, four trees were already forming a pile.

Fish and Wildlife says thousands of trees are dropped off every single year across the state as part of this program.

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