Witness recalls woman with gun outside Bowling Green bar

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- 13 News is learning more about a video showing a woman with a gun outside a crowded bar in downtown Bowling Green.

It happened Saturday night outside of Rocky's and Three Brothers bars.

Niko Langley and his friends were out in downtown Bowling Green. He said it was busy because of graduation and they stepped outside when things took a dangerous turn.

Langley recalls two men started fighting outside the bars.

"She saw her guy, I guess that she was with, getting beat up and then she preceded to go and get her gun from underneath her seat and walk around the car, wave the gun around," said Langley.

Langley got out his phone and caught the moment on video when the woman walked back to the crowd with the gun in hand.

"Nobody had time to respond or react and in reality of it, I mean, it happened so fast I barely even had the chance, I just felt like something was about to happen so I whipped out my camera," said Langley.

In the beginning of the video, you can see a woman on the sidewalk outside the bar and then seconds later you see she raises her arm in the air with a gun in hand.

The video ends as she waves it around while people try to hold her back.

"It was weird that nobody looked phased by it that was what was crazy that it was like a normal thing," said Langley. "Not being from here that was different."

Langley told 13 News police quickly came to break up the fight, but how fast the situation escalated makes him question his safety in downtown Bowling Green

Bowling Green Police said they received a report of the fight, but did not receive a report of the woman with the gun.

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