Woman arrested for Bowling Green stabbing death

Published: Nov. 25, 2015 at 5:46 PM CST
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A house in Bowling Green quickly became a crime scene, but it took months for an arrest.

"Kuston was her boyfriend. She loved Kuston. It's just an awful tragedy that has now resulted in her being charged," said defense attorney Dennie Hardin.

According to a police report, on September 10 an argument between Kaylee Whitehall and Kuston Johnson turned into a fight.

Whitehall told police that Johnson choked her and the two starting throwing things at each other and eventually they ended up in the kitchen. According to the report, Whitehall said Johnson was choking her for a second him when she grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed him as he stood behind her.

"There is a history of some domestic issues that have occurred between them in the past. We have some witnesses that have seen and observed Kuston use physical force against her before. That's exactly what happened. We believe the evidence is going to show that's what happened that night. That it was a domestic altercation and she was fearful," added Whitehall's attorney.

Whitehall wasn't arrested that night. Instead she was indicted on November 18, and arrested on a charge of reckless homicide Tuesday.

"I'll never be completely happy, but I'm glad something is finally being done because there's a lot of people that Kuston touched their lives. They will never be able to enjoy their life the same as when he was here," said friend Jodi Jones.

A few friends of Johnson's sat down with us today. They say they not only miss someone that meant so much to them, they also feel the maximum of five years in prison Whitehall is facing is not enough if convicted.

"It'll take ten years just to get the memory out of his mom's head. If you can justify a drug case with ten or twenty years, and you can justify a death case with five years, somebody's got to show me where the justice lies there, because I don't see it," added Johnson's friend Clay Aydt.

The next time Whitehall is scheduled to appear in court is in January.

Hardin said there's a possibility a judge could rule her immune to the charges based on self defense.

"It is possible that we will assert her right to justification under Kentucky law that will get this matter in front of the the judge to see if she is immune to criminal and civil prosecution."

Whitehall posted a $5,000 bond the same day she was arrested.