"Won't be bullied;" Educators voice opinions as race for Governor heats up

Published: Oct. 15, 2019 at 5:49 PM CDT
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The general election is less than one month away and the race for Governor is heating up.

In the race for Governor, public education has been a hot topic.

In the past year, Governor Matt Bevin has made some negative comments about educators, what some believe is name-calling, which is why they have labeled him a bully.

"Today we stop the bullying and we are going to send Matt Bevin home because he is insulting the teachers who run our schools, who teach our children, who are our friends, our neighbors, and our family and they deserve better and all Kentuckians do," said District 20 Representative, Patti Minter.

Tuesday afternoon the "Won't be Bullied by Bevin" Tour stopped in Bowling Green and those in attendance spoke out against Bevin getting re-elected as Governor.

"How arrogant that he is," said Dave Strode, a retired teacher. "I hope he doesn't intend it to be that way, but when he continues to make remarks and he makes comments like that he does not regret anything that he said about a public school employee it just strikes me as how arrogant that he is."

Those educators speaking out against Bevin say not only does he have a negative attitude toward public education, but in his time as governor he has not funded public education.

Others remain fearful he won't deliver their pension.

"Certainly it worries me, you know, so how will I pay my electric bill, how will I pay, you know, insurance and medical bills or whatever," said Strode. "Certainly it's on my mind and it's very troubling."

Democratic candidate Andy Beshear says he plans to increase teacher pay and strengthen public education.

However, a recent article by WalletHub ranks Kentucky as number 14 in the best states for teachers, which is something Bevin's campaign says happened under Republican leadership.

In response to the "Won't be Bullied by Bevin" Tour the Bevin campaign released a statement saying:

“Governor Matt Bevin has committed 100% of lottery funds to education, a first for the commonwealth, and today Kentucky is spending more per K-12 pupil than ever before. After eight years of Governor Beshear raiding the teachers’ pension fund to the tune of eight billion dollars in additional debt, Matt Bevin has fully funded the pension system and is committed to continuing to improve public education in Kentucky.”

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