Working through the holidays, some consider it an honor

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- While many of us are looking forward to a little break from work and time spent with family and friends for Thanksgiving, some people will still be in the office for the holiday, trying to make sure everyone else has a safe Turkey Day.

"When you work at the fire department or you work in any kind of emergency services, you know that you're going to have to work on holidays," says Marlee Boenig with the Bowling Green Fire Department.

"We have several officers working on Thanksgiving and we work 24/7. We don't get to take holidays off and things like that. The officers enjoy being able to serve in that capacity because there's a very limited number of people that have to work on Thanksgiving so it's almost an honor to serve in that capacity," says Major Matt Edwards with the Bowling Green Police Department.

Both departments are hoping community members remember to think about safety as the holidays approach.

"On Thanksgiving there is a four times greater chance -- that's a national average -- four times greater chance that you'll have a fire in your home due to cooking equipment," says Boenig.

"This time of year it seems that we're all extremely busy. We have a lot of things on our mind and I think people become quite complacent this time a year about fire safety," she adds.

Fire departments across the nation are putting on demonstrations, making sure people know how to properly and safely fry that beloved Thanksgiving turkey.

Boenig goes on to say, "Make sure that you don't over-fill the fryer with oil because if you do put the turkey in there and it overflows, obviously you're going to have more of a chance of a fire. Make sure that your turkey is completely thawed out because if you still have any part of that that's partially frozen and you put it in that hot oil it can be explosive."

BGPD is also putting out safety tips, especially as shopping increases and Black Friday rolls around.

"Vehicle break-ins is something we're always cognizant of. We encourage people to lock their vehicles, take valuables out of plain sight," says Edwards.

He adds, "We are extra protrolling a lot of the shopping districts, we always do, but maybe a little bit more so now that we know people are out and about shopping."

Edwards also says officers will be observing the roads for intoxicated drivers. He says to plan a designated driver to be your ride to and from any holiday parties.

And for those of you who just can't wait to put up the tree as soon as the turkey is carved, "Make sure that you don't put the Christmas Tree too close to a heat source like a fireplace or a heater of some sort," says Boenig.

She also says to make sure to water the tree daily. For more information on holidays safety tips click here.

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